In the first two months of managing their Google Ads account the client had ROAS of 729% and increased their ad budget.


Rob B.

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The Challenge

The conversion (sales) tracking in Google Ads was not working, so the client was unable to track the account's performance and as a result was not sure how to increase their sales and profit. Because they could not track performance, they had paused many of their ads and were missing a lot of potential orders.

The Process

First, I was able to get access to the client's Google Analytics account and I was able to get conversion tracking working again and see which ads and keywords had worked in the past before the conversion tracking stopped working.

Next, I updated and enabled some of the ads and keywords that had been paused and increased bids to ensure their ads were at the top of page one a majority of the time.

Once the client saw immediate results and was pleased they increased the monthly budget.

The Solution

In the first two months of managing their Google Ads account the client had ROAS of 729% and increased their ad budget.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


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