The Challenge

Maintaining a competative presence in a very competitive PPC landscape ($9-16 average CPC), where national players compete with local businesses for attention.

Measuring results and making data-driven decisions in an account where there are few clicks due to the cost per click.

The Process

After a detailed review of the client's account, website and competition we isolated the first issue we had to solve, which was implementing a data-driven approach to understanding what led to conversions when there were only a small amount per week.

We mapped the most important routes a visitor took to becoming a lead on their website and developed a simple but useful model of customer acquisition. Then we used each of the key touch points as a "microconversion" (or "Secondary Conversion" in Google Ads) to help us make more data driven decisions about the account.

Next, with such a high CPC, we had to make sure every dollar was going to something that made a meaningful impact in generating a lead. Tight ad groups with laser precise keyword strategies and and a manual bidding strategy so we could control every aspect of the spend.

As the leads grew and stabilized we broadened out to display campaigns to saturate the local market with their messaging and help drive more leads and more qualified leads from search, social and other important channels.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Marketing Strategy,Branding


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Over 3.000 products.

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