I've helped grow Instagram channels consistently 20% MoM as well as YouTube channels.


The Challenge

This was very early days of social so there were many unknowns. We developed a lot of content to continually share on channels.

The Process

My process would be to start with getting clear on your objectives and your brand aesthetic. Understanding the audience through some competitive research and market study would be important or reviewing any documents, business plan, etc. already established.

We would then work on a content calendar and channel strategy to focus efforts for maximum efficiency.

We would also look at an influencer strategy using available tools and gifting depending on budgets. There are resources to help with outreach and things can snowball quickly within a niche audience such as this.

The Solution

I've helped grow Instagram channels consistently 20% MoM as well as YouTube channels.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,CMO,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


Style & Fashion

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Virgin StartUp

Challenged to generate a continuous, cost-effective supply of leads for Virgin StartUp, who work to connect founders with investment opportunities.

American Brokers

Website Design and Development Services.

Build a website that looks pretty, modern and profesional.

Made for performance, SEO, visibility, and made to grow businesses and their presences.



Buckaroo Leatherworks

Expand the brand's target market overseas to US and CA audiences

Orofino Restaurant

I started this account from day 1 before the restaurant opened it's doors in 2016. We built up momentum and were maxed out of tables from day 1. It's been a wild ride with expanding into a new space, adding in a pizza oven for authentic Napolateon pizza, adding in catering options, and now onto opening second location just for private events and catering!

Film Independent

Film Independent, a nonprofit arts organization serving filmmakers, sought to grow its audience and automate data processes. The Marketing and Communications team looked to Mayple for assistance.


Idahoan, dedicated to bringing quality potato products, faced challenges related to bandwidth and growing subscribers. The Head of Marketing sought Mayple's guidance.

The Redux Group

The Redux Group, a real estate group in the DC area, faced challenges in consolidating audiences for improved tagging and segmentation. The Marketing Specialist overseeing events and email marketing sought assistance.

Aviators Market

Aviators Market is a unique platform, allowing individuals to list anything related to the aviation industry for sale. As one of the founder partners, J. Loparo plays a pivotal role in the platform's success.