The Challenge

Company Info:

Founded in 1975, ARB is Australia's largest manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket 4WD accessories. With products including bull bars, protection equipment, Old Man Emu suspension, Air Lockers, roof racks, canopies and recovery equipment, ARB’s primary mission is to prepare vehicles for the remote and harsh conditions typically encountered off road. ARB currently has 45+ stores and over a hundred stockists located across Australia, an office in Seattle, USA, and an export network reaching more than a hundred countries.

My achievements and involvement:

ARB’s product range of 4WD and ute accessories targets two core user segments: 4WD enthusiasts, and tradespeople (who generally drive utes).

The campaigns I was managing for ARB have a variety of objectives, looking to engage these audiences to either go to an ARB offline store to have their 4WD accessories fitted, or ask their dealer when purchasing a new car.

As no online transaction occurs, users are prompted to either visit an ARB location, or ask their dealer when purchasing a new car to have ARB accessories fitted (rather than car-branded accessories). This posed a challenge around online digital measurement.


Since I managed to drive such a great success it meant we also got a client testimonial,

“G Squared allowed us to refine our targeting while showcasing our brand across websites that were more in line with our brand and a more reputable and engaged audience, driving better traffic, proven by online conversion statistics.”

Mark Berger Brand Marketing Manager, ARB

It also meant that we we’re awarded a silver award at the “APAC Search Awards 2021” for the best integrated campaign.

It also meant that we were nominated for the SEMrush Awards Best Integrated campaign.

It also meant that I managed to be featured on Quantcast’s global case study page.


The Process

I overcame this challenge by focusing on users’ intent to purchase – and what actions they would need to take on the website to indicate a high level of intent.

For existing 4WD owners, I set up measurement for conversion as a search for a location on the find a location page.

While I was not able to measure a user all the way through to purchase, I worked extensively with the client to put together conversion metrics which would allow me to set benchmarks for success, and ensure I was targeting the right types of users.

Once this was defined, I focused on utilising custom audiences across Google, social and programmatic. The custom audiences model was built using Quantcast’s proprietary targeting strategy, Search Powered Audiences, and Facebook Lookalikes, in order to reach the 4WD adventurist audience with both social and display ads.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Other,Web Development,Marketing Strategy


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