Audrey M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

I worked with this start-up from the beginning of their conception to come in and be a disrupter in the prescription eyeglass/sunglasses industry. The challenge we were faced with was entering an industry with a few big, established players. My role was to create branding, content and marketing strategy to break through.

The Process

I wrote fresh, on-brand copy for product descriptions, and other content. The Warby Parker-esque home trial program needed a name in which I delivered the name “Home Style & Trial” that was used across all Marketing materials and content.

The Solution

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Content Marketing,Copywriting


Style & Fashion

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Initially there was no tracking setup to monitor actual conversions, so we had to begin without proper benchmarks and sought a really high goal which we did achieve in the first month.



Scalp Evolution

Client provides scalp micropigmentation services for men and women as an alternative solution for baldness and hair loss. Client wanted more leads for their website related to phone calls, contact us, chat and sign ups with Google Ads and provide accurate lead reporting for their offices in the US and UK.



Self Financial Inc.

I approached Self after seeing some holes in their marketing funnel. Self wanted to expand its user base of consumers who wanted to grow their credit. So, we grew their presence on Tik Tok since



Cookies by Design

Take over digital marketing efforts, mainly Google CPC and social ads, and get account performance back to historic levels. CBD had experienced serious revenue issues after launching a new website. Total sales through digital were down 40% YoY, mainly stemming from digital channels and SEO.

We took over Google Ads and social ads, within 3 months account performance leveled off instead of falling weekly. In 6 months we were getting revenue not seen in over 12 months. By 2 years of the engagement, we had higher revenue results than ever before achieved with an ROAS of 12:1 from digital ad efforts with spends exceeding $50k/mo.