Audrey M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

I worked with this start-up from the beginning of their conception to come in and be a disrupter in the prescription eyeglass/sunglasses industry. The challenge we were faced with was entering an industry with a few big, established players. My role was to create branding, content and marketing strategy to break through.

The Process

I wrote fresh, on-brand copy for product descriptions, and other content. The Warby Parker-esque home trial program needed a name in which I delivered the name “Home Style & Trial” that was used across all Marketing materials and content.

The Solution

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Content Marketing,Copywriting


Style & Fashion

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More Case Study


Wolford is an  Austrian textile manufacturer of tights, bodysuits and underwear, as well as women's clothing and accessories.

Main objective was to run a branding campaign to test audience segments and to reduce the bounce rate.


It's a newly launched service for a very small niche, ran entirely solo. The biggest difficulty is how to maintain the service relevant, so that it will gather a big enough volume of customers, while also staying true to the purpose of the product.


Crossnet is a revolutionary four-way volleyball game. I started advertising for Crossnet on Facebook and Instagram right before the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. As nationwide lockdowns began, the product started selling quickly. Pretty soon the product went on backorder which caused shipping delays, which ultimately affected ad performance. I worked with the Crossnet team and Facebook to make sure complaints about shipping didn't affect delivery and performance, and ensured that ads and the website had ample warning of shipping delays due to the pandemic.

Ingalls Information Security

Develop website and implement tracking to measure performance