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The Challenge

The client had a successful business selling their products on Amazon but their own Shopify store sales were slow. Less than $2,000/month in sales from Shopify. They were overly dependant on Amazon which also did not allow them to keep their own customers. Amazon always owned the customers.

We started working with them on a very small scale with some advertising on Instagram and Facebook. Immediately sales on their store took off. We took them from from selling $60,000 to $655,000+ on their Shopify store.

In 2021 the client doubled their annual sales thanks to the help from our advertising efforts. Had it not been for them running out of inventory right before Q4, we would have certainly tripled their sales year over year.

The Process

  • Ad copywriting and design
  • Scaled advertising spend
  • A/B testing
  • Iterating and improving, optimizing campaigns

The Solution

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Skills Used

Paid Ads


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Capital One

It was an eight-week engagement to conduct an SEO audit for a section of the client's site. I managed an offshore resource supporting the engagement and used an in-house design specialist to product the final report deliverable for the client. I conducted a range of interviews with the major members of the marketing team to understand internal processes, workflows, marketing persona development and marketing research.

Jason KB Animal Photography

Building a landing page that captures the essence of the brand and

Mason Developments

Mason Developments needed help launching their new development Olde Cork Farm. This property development company needed a whole, new brand image. Previously marketing highrise apartments, this new development was focused on country living and modern farm-style homes.

Instead of marketing simply the houses I created a marketing strategy to immerse their audience into the entire lifestyle. They aren't buying a house, they're buying an exclusive lifestyle for their family. Wake up in the morning with the heartwarming sounds of birds chirping, feeling the cool morning breeze. Sunrise through to sunset in the mountains. Driving through beautiful wine farms. Wild horses and parks where dogs play. Showing the essence of what it means to be so fortunate to live in Constantia. A level of luxury, splendour, and warm sophistication. Memories and nostalgia are the main themes of the story, connecting the viewers with the brand and leaving them feeling emotionally moved.




Koh is a D2C eco-friendly cleaning product, launched in 2016, and now selling to over 1M customers in Australia and the UK. With a rapid growing revenue of over $40M in this financial year (2021) and backed up by 60,000 incredible 5-star customer reviews they're taking on the nasty chemical cleaning industry. I've joined Koh in 2018, in the years that followed they expended to the UK and made incremental growth years. My challenge was that, without much experience, I had to manage 6 people and start this all from scratch.