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The Challenge

The client had a successful business selling their products on Amazon but their own Shopify store sales were slow. Less than $2,000/month in sales from Shopify. They were overly dependant on Amazon which also did not allow them to keep their own customers. Amazon always owned the customers.

We started working with them on a very small scale with some advertising on Instagram and Facebook. Immediately sales on their store took off. We took them from from selling $60,000 to $655,000+ on their Shopify store.

In 2021 the client doubled their annual sales thanks to the help from our advertising efforts. Had it not been for them running out of inventory right before Q4, we would have certainly tripled their sales year over year.

The Process

  • Ad copywriting and design
  • Scaled advertising spend
  • A/B testing
  • Iterating and improving, optimizing campaigns

The Solution

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Skills Used

Paid Ads


Style & Fashion

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The creative was fun, very quirky and showcased the brands unique personality. 




They wanted us to increase their digital marketing presence, engagement & results.