This campaign was hailed as a herculean effort by the entire Bank of America Marketing Division. Increasing internal engagement by an astounding 800%.

The Challenge

Create an internal promotional campaign to educate Bank of America's Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) on best practices for selling mortgages to potential home buyers. Internal campaigns had been met with mixed results in the past.

The Process

A new, unique approached had to be created to cut through to their seasoned sales force. The creative challenged Bank Of America mortgage loan officers to take their game to the next level and empowered them with the tools and tips they needed to be super successful. Capitalizing on the steady stream of blockbuster superhero movies in theaters and on television at the time, we created a hero-theme campaign calling on the MLOs to unleash their inner superheroes. Various marketing material such as collectable comic book-style brochures, mouse pads and screen-savers were delivered each week in boxes they had to be "ripped" open. Adding to the excitement.

The Solution

This campaign was hailed as a herculean effort by the entire Bank of America Marketing Division. Increasing internal engagement by an astounding 800%.

Skills Used

Branding,Branding,Marketing Strategy



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