We manage to create a profitable healthy account, ready to scale


Alesandro P.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

It has never been advertised on google before, so we had very little data.

Over 3.000 products.

Very Niche

The Process

Making a very exhaustive keyword research. Working on the product feed and attributes. Segmenting clearly the products. Creating and prioritising campaigns.

The Solution

We manage to create a profitable healthy account, ready to scale

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping


Automotive & Transportation

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Samsonite had a CRM database of customers but had not sent an email in over 6 months. They were looking for a fresh approach for its email marketing program to re-engage and nurture current and new customers. The challenge was to establish a new strategy and approach that would improve email open rates and click through rates to ultimately increase its ecommerce sales for its travel bags, luggage and accessories. 




The goal of this project was to generate as many new Telco customers across several lines of business.

Elise Care

Elise Care experienced extremely fast growth in only a few years, but their brand image, social media, and website didn't match their status. We had to revamp a lot of their marketing strategies to make sure everything was done to its full potential. We also had to start their socials from scratch as the accounts were not accessible.


Build a luxury expedition brand for online and tradeshows use.