We were able to add four platforms to our core acquisition marketing stack: YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


Jake M.

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The Challenge

Diversifying paid channel mix based on a CPA goal.

The Process

In order to find new channels, I researched paid media kits to determine estimated CPMs and CTRs + audience match, and creative best practices + specs. Once I projected potential CPAs based on platform benchmark numbers and internal historical data, if the projected CPA was within 25-30% of our goal, we planned and bought paid media on the platform. In our case, we were already running on Facebook/Instagram and Google Search, so we determined to expand into Quora, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and YouTube ads. Once campaigns were launched, using strategic audience targeting parameters and creative best practices, we allowed a testing period of 60 days. After the testing phase, we performed campaign triage and determined which platforms and campaigns were worth expanding into based on actuals for ROAS, CPA, CTR, and CPM.

The Solution

We were able to add four platforms to our core acquisition marketing stack: YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Skills Used

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Revenue in 60 days


pk24 faces unique challenges as the product is a vagina tightening cream and has been around since 2005. Due to the product type, you are not allowed to advertise on Facebook and no remarketing to site visitors on Google due to prohibited product types.

The website was old and did not convert well so we put an entire strategy in place starting with improving the conversion rate with a new Shopify template with well-written content that speaks to the target audience.



Hanita Lenses

Working with NOW Branding, we completed a rebrand of the entire company. This included creating a new logo, new tagline, a complete overhaul of the website, and rebranding product designs, and office decor.



One Dine

The client has a SAAS company, the software is for ordering food without installing an app, it's all web based. The challenge was coming up with a paid media strategy that will ultimately get restaurant owners to schedule a demo to the software. It was a new software and they weren't sure if it will perform well in the market during COVID.




Xagio is an online software tool that combines the power of cloud WordPress

management and a feature-rich optimization plugin. They were looking to generate more leads and sales through paid ads.