Testing multiple concepts, and running through successive iterations of the copy and creative - a reduction of 37.5% was achieved. CPA (cost per acquisition) was reduced from $40 to $25.


The Challenge

A top Hollywood screenwriter, direct response copywriter, and author - runs a business showing how anybody can launch a bestselling book in 90 days. However, his Facebook ads for the training program suffered from high CPAs (cost per acquisition).

The Process

As a Digital Media Buyer I use Golden B.E.A.R., a proven testing process, and P.S.M. – profitable scaling margin – which together deliver profitable and scalable campaigns.

These help guide decisions on acquisition, efficiency, and scaling – and allow me to hit the sweet spot both Facebook and a CMO need: massive testing at lower budgets for statistically significant results within days to a few weeks.

The Solution

Testing multiple concepts, and running through successive iterations of the copy and creative - a reduction of 37.5% was achieved. CPA (cost per acquisition) was reduced from $40 to $25.

Skills Used

Paid Ads



Results by the numbers

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Ready to revolutionize your marketing approach? Partner with Mayple and embark on a transformative journey toward enhanced engagement, improved metrics, and sustained growth. Contact us today to explore tailored strategies that will redefine your marketing trajectory.

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