Stuart S.

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The Challenge

BigScoots is a really amazing WordPress and Web Hosting platform that differentiates itself with great customer service and a more bespoke implementation, but one that is still competitive price wise with the larger players. However, with far lower marketing budgets they are not able to compete in SEO, Affiliate, Content and other key marketing channels.

The Process

My focus was looking at the holistic customer experience and how the competitors are winning in each channel. From here, I build out strategies (and executed them) to make our limited budget go a long way.

The Solution

Skills Used

SEO,Branding,CRO,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study



Cine Packs

Cine packs was struggling to create profitable campaigns and often broke even for their digital products on Facebook and wanted to increase their ROAS to atleast a 3x. They also wanted to launch ads for their new eCommerce store to sell physical products. Moreover, they were not sure about tracking and needed someone to separate their free downloads from their paid downloads.



Heel Free

The main challenge and barrier were to turn a powerful offline process into an almost entirely self-service one. After many studies, we have seen that the public is familiar with the old way of measuring and physically reaching the store. some say it's a breakthrough in the online medical e-com industry. 


Ryman, the stationery retailer, wanted to run a Back to School/Uni campaign but wanted to improve on the previous year results which was planned by an influencer agency. They were measuring sales but their target was also awareness.



Basal Master Builds

The client wanted to reinvent their look and feel on their social media and online assets so that they could increase their brand awareness and secure more home decor, design, and build jobs.

They were receiving little to no traction on social media and had a very low click-through rate on their email marketing campaigns. They also did not have a list-building strategy in place, so they were constantly reaching out to a market that had already used their services.