I lowered the CAC by 20% and I increased the number of conversions by 15%

Katia G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Billage is a CRM and invoicing software for SMB and freelances. The challenge was to increase leads through PPC and CRO and to get a lower CPC.

The Process

After a deep understanding of the buyer persona and their needs, I started over with a better Google Ads campaigns structure in order to get a better quality score and impression share. The goal was to get a lower CPC with more impressions for our best performing keywords.

I reviewed and completed their commercial keywords with some keyword research tools I use: semrush, answerthepublic, keywords everywhere...

Next step was testing different copies, extensions and optimizing the campaigns.

Regarding the CRO, we took the Jobs to Be Done approach to understand better the users needs. I worked on getting more testimonials and Case Studies to add social proof, and I redesigned the structure and copywritting of the website running A/B tests with Google Optimize.


The Solution

I lowered the CAC by 20% and I increased the number of conversions by 15%

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CRO



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