With the ad spend of around $40K we are generating 3x ROAS for them.


Sandeep K.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

It was difficult to get approval of the ads by Google but we succeeded and now its working fine.

The Process

Running Google Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads

The Solution

With the ad spend of around $40K we are generating 3x ROAS for them.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping


Health & Wellness

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The cost of acquisition through paid channels was higher than desired.

Peak to Peak Roofing

The previous marketing agency was developing a ton of pages and providing blog assets, but after four years, they just couldn't deliver in developing actionable leads. So when taking over the customer, we had to rebuild the customer website, build out an email campaign and work on programs that make the phones ring.



Kroma Salon

This Award Winning Hair Salon needed to drive more traffic and bookings to grow the business at their primary location while launching a new location in a neighboring city.  The ask was to grow sales in both locations while minimizing the cnabalization of customers from their existing database.


Create a series of animated videos to be used for the sales team and social media. I worked with the Product Manager to develop the script, storyboarding, and copywriting of each video.