The event has grown with large increases in advance ticket sales, the event is now attracting double the attendees than it originally was.

The Challenge

Bristol Volksfest were a local grass roots VW event when I first came into contact with them some years ago. They were using outdated systems to sell tickets and were not using any paid adverting to promote their events.

The Process

I reviewed the platforms they were using and made some recommendations that would update their tech stack, help with ticket sales, bring a greater level of tracking and improve cash flow.

The website was updated to Squarespace, this allowed for an easy way for them to manage their own site without the requirement and expense of a dev.

I made a recommendation to move away from the JShop they were using to sell small amounts of tickets online to a dedicated ticket platform. This allowed for a larger shift away from on the day gate sales to advanced sales.

With the above changes, this allowed for a better tracking integration.

They already had an engaged organic Facebook audience so this made for an obvious starting point with the paid ads. The initial Facebook campaign and all subsequent campaigns have been hugely successful for them. The event is now comfortably double the size in terms of attendees through gate in comparison to when we started.

The Solution

The event has grown with large increases in advance ticket sales, the event is now attracting double the attendees than it originally was.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development,Web Development,Other


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