Not only did we grow ROAS by 20% ... more importantly, we drove overall revenue by 128% YoY.

This drove margin expansion for the brand and successfully put them on track for a $M+ ARR.


The Challenge

Core Max Pro saw unprofitable performance on social - and was spending around $30K/ month just to move inventory.

They were looking to grow into a million dollar brand and beyond, but did not understand what part of the customer journey was breaking down.

The Process

Our process:

1) Survey customers to understand expectations and why performance is breaking down

2) Launch new creative testing (video, image, copy, headlines) to better match insights from customer surveys and test a divergent set of ad creative

3) Refine creative approach based on what is working and begin testing new audience cohorts

4) Begin monthly CRO testing to increase conversion rate on site and drive incremental revenue per click

4) Scale budgets as we see performance build

I managed our team through this process across the services provided - working with the clients on a weekly basis to deliver these results.

The Solution

Not only did we grow ROAS by 20% ... more importantly, we drove overall revenue by 128% YoY.

This drove margin expansion for the brand and successfully put them on track for a $M+ ARR.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CRO,Branding,Copywriting


Sports, Outdoors & Fitness

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