The conversion rate on the website increased from 1.61% (August - December) to 2.12% (January - May). I was also able to generate a $4.81 ROAS and a $34 CPA.

Nicolas R.

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The Challenge

Crossnet is a revolutionary four-way volleyball game. I started advertising for Crossnet on Facebook and Instagram right before the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. As nationwide lockdowns began, the product started selling quickly. Pretty soon the product went on backorder which caused shipping delays, which ultimately affected ad performance. I worked with the Crossnet team and Facebook to make sure complaints about shipping didn't affect delivery and performance, and ensured that ads and the website had ample warning of shipping delays due to the pandemic.

The Process

I utilized a full-funnel strategy across Facebook and Instagram, which included video view campaigns at the top of the funnel to create awareness. I also used brand videos at the top of the funnel for conversion campaigns and experimented with a variety of new formats on the mid and lower funnel conversion campaigns, including image, vertical video, slideshow video and carousels. I also launched regional campaigns that utilized creative specific to that area. For instance, coastal areas used images and videos that featured individuals playing on the beach, while colder climates got images and videos of individuals playing in gyms. I created all ad content and wrote all ad copy for this project.

The Solution

The conversion rate on the website increased from 1.61% (August - December) to 2.12% (January - May). I was also able to generate a $4.81 ROAS and a $34 CPA.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Copywriting



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