My quarterly KPI's in this role were;

  • # Acquisition
  • % Retention
  • Total customer campaign delivered

Every quarter I managed to get between 80%-90% of my bonus.

Caroline Van T H.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Deliveroo is a, in the UK established, food delivery service launched in the Netherlands in 2015. I started at Deliveroo a few months (3-4) after they went live with their website. I was a big part of the launch and roll out of the online and offline marketing strategy for 12 cities throughout the Netherlands. I've strategized, set up and managed all of their owned channels including social media, website and blog, email and sms, influencers, PR and worked closely with the UK on branding to make sure our tone and look&feel was consistent. The biggest but also to most existing challenge was that every single thing had to be designed from scratch and that you had to be very resilient as competition was around the corner.

The Process

I've completed two roles at Deliveroo.

As a Content Manager I was responsible for:

- Content strategy & channel set up: Set up and execution of digital marketing channels (social media, email, SMS, blog) and content delivery.

- Branding: Establish and roll out brand identity and tone of voice for Deliveroo Netherlands.

- Marketing campaigns: Conceptualize and deliver activations, campaigns and (restaurant) partnerships for brand awareness, activation, retention and community growth.

- Content calendars: Create, manage and execute content calendars, social channels and budgets to ensure the right communication goes to the right target audience in each city.

- Managing: freelance photographers, copywriters, interns and working with external brand and PR agencies.

- Measure & report: Weekly reporting social results and KPI's to Management Team.

As a Development & Retention manager I created, rolled out and managed certain successful online campaigns for the activation and retention of customers. In this role I was mainly responsible for:

- Retention: Delivery of email and SMS strategy, production, planning, execution, A/B testings and define target audiences.

- Campaigns & Content: Deliver content/concepts and developing engaging retention campaigns for existing customers via digital channels (stamp card, online social media games, advents calendar etc).

- Measure & report: Analyses of customer lifetime value, cohorts, repeat rates and conversion. Weekly reporting results and KPI's to Management Team.

The Solution

My quarterly KPI's in this role were;

  • # Acquisition
  • % Retention
  • Total customer campaign delivered

Every quarter I managed to get between 80%-90% of my bonus.

Skills Used

Branding,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Web Development,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Social Media Management,SMS Marketing,Web Development,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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