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The Challenge

Responsible for executing and managing high-level projects for internal and external-facing clients under communication divisions of The Walt Disney Company. This includes a variety of projects, such as branding, collateral, merchandise, print production, and presentations. Currently Managing seven employees while leading, reviewing, and art directing a variety of projects.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Branding,Branding,Email Marketing,Web Development,Paid Ads


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Good Stuff Juices

How did we get these results?

With Our Process = Test. Analyze. Tweak. Scale.

PROBLEM:The brand was new to Facebook advertising and had never run Facebook ads before. They had a Facebook page and posted to it occasionally. They wanted to increase sales by tapping into a new digital marketing channel.



Steiger Spirits

Maximizing the holiday season for a local spirit brand

Aussie Hair Care

-Launch a Walgreens x Aussie Hair Care collaboration to promote Aussies revamped coils line in less than 1 month.

-Prepare enough press around new product in 2 months.




Filti provides nanotechnology-patented HVAC filters and N95 facemasks. They were looking to gain a broader reach and achieve higher sales.