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The Challenge

Responsible for executing and managing high-level projects for internal and external-facing clients under communication divisions of The Walt Disney Company. This includes a variety of projects, such as branding, collateral, merchandise, print production, and presentations. Currently Managing seven employees while leading, reviewing, and art directing a variety of projects.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Branding,Branding,Email Marketing,Web Development,Paid Ads


Professional Services

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We had to ensure the CAC was low enough to generate profit but that we scaled quickly enough to achieve growth projections for future funding rounds.



Daily Drills

This client came to me as a newer shop only starting in January of 2021. They had not run any paid media at the point of working together and they were already having good success in their first 6-months doing around 50-100K/month in top line revenue. They came to me looking to clear more of their inventory and start testing the waters on paid media to see what kind of return they could achieve.

Their business model did launches every two weeks of different products, so we were constantly running different campaigns to see which clothing sold well through paid media.


Over the 6 years since their founding, ExeQut has effectively grown their DC based development company for businesses and government agencies alike. But they realized they were hitting a plateau of growth based around sales and referrals alone. They knew that a marketing strategy was needed.

Arizona Federal Credit Union

New business services that were acquired by the business with intent to grow those products.