• Launched prospecting ads for the first time
  • Scaled spend 3.7X
  • Scaled purchases 4.7X
  • Scaled revenue 4.1X
  • Decreased CPM 24%
  • Decreased CPC 45%
  • Increased CTR 39%
  • Decreased CPA 21%

The Challenge

Eno is a great brand, with so much potential to become an even bigger player in the outdoors space. However, they are budget strapped. Even by creating advertising campaigns that generated an 8X return and requesting to use some of that return to increase budgets, I am only allowed to spend a limited amount - further hindering our potential results. Eno also takes an incredibly long time to make decisions or turn projects around (again, because of budget and other issues). I started working with them in May 2020, but wasn’t able to launch our first campaign until November.

The Process

I was hired as a freelance Paid Social Strategist to generate awareness of the ENO brand in May 2020. A blogging agency was managing their ads at the time, so I first performed an ad account analysis and gave my recommendations for improvement and to scale revenue.

After learning about their business, industry, and products to push, I developed a customized strategy and execution plan to launch in Q2. The plan covered audiences and budgets from the campaign to ad set level, copy and creative recommendations tailored to play into the height of the Coronavirus, errors and violations to fix within the pixel and catalog, and long-term opportunities to improve paid social measurement and attribution.

Due to circumstances on the ENO side I was not able to execute my plan and begin testing until Q4, but I later built and set up all the campaigns and ads. During the Q4 campaign, I monitored performance and made optimizations with budgets, settings, and ads, to ensure success. Not only did the campaign generate an incredible amount of attention and positive organic response, but it helped sell out a product ENO launched and wanted to promote over the holidays.

The Solution

  • Launched prospecting ads for the first time
  • Scaled spend 3.7X
  • Scaled purchases 4.7X
  • Scaled revenue 4.1X
  • Decreased CPM 24%
  • Decreased CPC 45%
  • Increased CTR 39%
  • Decreased CPA 21%
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Sports, Outdoors & Fitness

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