Client was able to get a similar ROAS with 30% less spend by cutting out underperforming leads with more clarity.


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The Challenge

Client has a long sales cycle on their products, as they are promotional product brands. This makes it challenging to measure the true ROI. A lead that does a quick chat could be worth thousands of dollars more than a $100 ecommerce sale. While ePromos had some rudimentary tracking in place to see the value per lead; they still didn't have true visibility or integration into their ad accounts to optimize towards process.

The Process

Our team was able to bring cost per lead down and ROI up dramatically by measuring not the cost per lead (CPL), but the forecasted ROI. We did this using our integrated dashboarding, and some custom coding we helped them create.

Further, we helped them solve how to get into Google Shopping, which drove a huge volume of leads.

The Solution

Client was able to get a similar ROAS with 30% less spend by cutting out underperforming leads with more clarity.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Web Development,Marketing Strategy,Web Development


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