Brian H.

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The Challenge

I joined Fat Snax pre-launch as CMO & employee #1 and grew through 7 figure growth via omni-channel strategy, including DTC, Amazon, and e-tailers, as well as national grocery retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Safeway. I led the company through 2 fundraises (Series A and Series B), full brand/packaging overhaul, and a number of new product launches. We established a robust online community (ex. 90k IG, keto-focused Facebook group) and helped build the model for a successful omni-channel CPG brand.

The Process

I first built out each channel by hand, then hired my teams and established KPIs to effectively manage them.

The Solution

Skills Used

Other,Public Relations,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,Marketing Strategy,CMO,Email Marketing,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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eMerchant Authority

eMerchant Authority was a start up which was looking to generate leads in a hyper competitive industry Merchant Processing.



Idan Foods

Idan Foods has never ran any social advertising, so they had no idea how much it will cost per lead or if it will be worth their marketing dollars.




  • Scale new paid social acquisition channel



Farm Girl Fancy Frills

This client came to me as they were looking to improve their FB/IG advertising after the IOS update as their results came down. the client has been running ads for years and after the IOS update they saw massive hits on the overall revenue and effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

We came in and made adjustments/optimizations to their campaigns and we were able to start improving their ROAS for their overall account and generate 250% more traffic to their site based on basic campaign structure that was more effective then how they had it set-up