Brian H.

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The Challenge

I joined Fat Snax pre-launch as CMO & employee #1 and grew through 7 figure growth via omni-channel strategy, including DTC, Amazon, and e-tailers, as well as national grocery retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Safeway. I led the company through 2 fundraises (Series A and Series B), full brand/packaging overhaul, and a number of new product launches. We established a robust online community (ex. 90k IG, keto-focused Facebook group) and helped build the model for a successful omni-channel CPG brand.

The Process

I first built out each channel by hand, then hired my teams and established KPIs to effectively manage them.

The Solution

Skills Used

Other,Public Relations,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,Marketing Strategy,CMO,Email Marketing,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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Small Screen Producer

Pam Vinje and Mike Isbell initially contacted me through UpWork to assist with some issues surrounding click fraud they were seeing on their accounts and needed advice on how to best handle it. I was able to work through the complex problems by researching what was happening and ultimately solving them with a 3rd party solution. As a result of how well it went, they asked me to review and help manage accounts for their business.

EZ Detangler Brush

EZDetangler has a very strong presence online, an established audience as well as a strong digital marketing strategy.

RocketPage works with them on a regular basis by building landing pages for the different offers of their marketing efforts.

The story started with a landing page of one of their product that we revamped, and we continued working together, building high converting landing pages for them and optimizing their user experience to get the most out of their traffic.




L’Oreal are one of the UK’s biggest advertisers, and the single biggest beauty and cosmetics advertiser. Our objective was to grow market share and improve ROAS.



Civil Standard

Client hired me after they had taken a break from Facebook ads so the ads and all were started from scratch. Fortunately we had a lot of data to work to quickly jump in and get sales. Goal was a 2 ROAS.