With this approach we were able to decrease the cost per lead significantly and drive the first meaningful digitally driven interactions with clients the brand had ever had.


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The Challenge

FGI Yacht Group is an up and coming yacht brokerage breaking into an industry that values reliability and trust. This is a market that is dense with established competition who have years-long track records building strong relationships with clients.

The challenge was to quickly create relationships with clients that would last and nurture them through a long and complex buying process, all while keeping cost per acquisition low enough to sustainably grow digital channels.

The Process

To build a relationship with clients quickly but that will also creating meaningful longevity, you have to speak the customer's language, understand their concerns, echo their sentiments. The copy has to parallel that actual experiences and thought processes of the customer.

The first step of our process was to interview the brokers, the ones who actually understand how the client thinks, what their concerns are and where they enter the buying process.

Second we built landing pages that used copy, videos, imagery and design that actually met the client where they were at.

Third we wrote ads that bridged the gap between the landing pages and the search intent that would bring the client to that page.

Next we captured email addresses and cookie data to sequentially serve ads to the browser and gradually move them closer to the sale.

We are still measuring and optimizing each step of the process for maximum efficiency and reach.

The Solution

With this approach we were able to decrease the cost per lead significantly and drive the first meaningful digitally driven interactions with clients the brand had ever had.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CMO,Copywriting,Content Marketing,Branding,Branding


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Lance Tapsell, a long-time celebrant and customer of the site decided to purchase it and try to get it profitable again.

By engaging Pathfinder, the business was able to dramatically reduce its cost per lead and ensure profitability for the business and its future.