The Results

-         Increased email marketing revenue by 30% in the first 2 months of implementation

-         Created a conversion-focused website that is capturing 20% more sales

-         Strategized and facilitated 200 committed Influencer campaigns

-         Brand on track to 5x online sales in 6 months

The Challenge

The Company: Floramye

Floramye believes that wellbeing is not just a science, but an art. Their certified-organic CBD formulas reflect the best of both worlds, beautifully blended in high quality cosmetics. Each one is crafted by hand to encourage balance in your body, without altering your mind.

Floramye's topical and ingestible treatments combine full-spectrum, sun-grown organic hemp extract with aromatic essential oils and other botanicals. Used together or separately, each item in the collection promotes calm in mind, body & complexion.

All ingredients are conscientiously sourced, every formula is crafted in small batches, and certified organic raw materials and finished products are rigorously tested to ensure the utmost purity and safety.

Picked as a top choice by Oprah and other reputable leaders, Floramye has become the celebration of hemp and women in history.

The Challenge:

Floramye has quickly gained traction upon launching by being featured on Oprah!, Los Angeles Magazine, Rue Magazine, and other reputable sources. Their success has extended form their brick and mortar store into wholesale partnerships and Amazon.

One piece was missing though: expanding their direct B2C online sales.

Selling cosmetics online is hard. Selling CBD cosmetics online is even harder. With the added challenges of US federal and state laws regarding CBD products’ ability to advertise and even use certain platforms to sell, Floramye has encountered hurdle after hurdle in trying to expand their D2C online sales.

The Process

The Project

There is a solution for everything, and that’s where our team came in. Experts in the health and wellbeing industry, and forced to have crafted creative ways to sell ourselves, our team has put together and deployed a plan for Floramye to help the brand expand online and increase their own D2C online sales by 5x in two quarters. Specifically, we have tackled the following projects:

Website Redesign:

-         We have created a brand new website on Shopify (moved away from Square) whose primary focus is to better convert every visitor from a curious stranger to a fan and customer

-         Our team consists of marketers and Shopify experts that have conversion on top of mind, which means we were able to add all converting elements we needed without compromising the beautiful look of the website

-         We have incorporated email marketing flows for Cart Recovery, Welcome Sequences, Customer Thank You, and Browse Abandonment, which have increased email marketing revenue by 30% in the first 2 months

Influencer Marketing:

-         We helped Floramye jumpstart and facilitate Influencer collaborations by committing 200 campaigns with content creators and Influencers that are aligned with our brand and vision

-         We have crafted and implemented a systemized outreach strategy to not only find the best Influencers fit for Floramye, but also gain what our brand needs out of every partnership (specifically: sales, content, reviews, and subscribers)

-         We have also implemented tracking pieces and specific KPIs to every Influencer campaign in order to understand which Influencer and campaign better serves our brand

-         While our Influencer journey with Floramye has recently launched, an almost identical strategy has been implemented with a similar client that has seen a 40% increase in the month immediately following our Influencer partnership involvement. We predict that Floramye will see very similar results

Content Marketing:

-         While ads are hard when you’re selling CBD, strategic organic content can do wonders

-         Our team has crafted and implemented a content marketing strategy, complete with blog articles and Pinterest as a traffic source, to attract the most curious and interested prospects to our website

-         Our content marketing strategy has already moved our website 5 spots up on Google for targeted CBD-related keywords, in just 2 short months

Email Marketing:

-         Floramye has acquired a substantial email marketing list through offline activities, such as events and brick and mortar sales

-         Our team has crafted and implemented email marketing flows for Cart recovery, Customer Thank You, Subscriber Welcome, and Browse Abandonment, to increase Floramye’s repeat orders and prompt new ones

-         Floramye has seen an increase in email marketing revenue of 30% in the first 2 months of implementation

The Solution

The Results

-         Increased email marketing revenue by 30% in the first 2 months of implementation

-         Created a conversion-focused website that is capturing 20% more sales

-         Strategized and facilitated 200 committed Influencer campaigns

-         Brand on track to 5x online sales in 6 months

Skills Used

Content Marketing,CRO,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,SEO


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