• 27% year on year increase in monthly organic search traffic (from a 5 digit base)

Celine M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

For years, this full-service mid-sized law firm had sensed that they were no longer getting value from their annual investment in traditional advertising. This client's website was extremely outdated, causing their presence in Google and organic traffic to decline steadily.

The Process

My role was to manage a new website build focusing on mobile user experience and conversion rates. An important consideration was the migration which included migrating a Bloom Tools CMS to a WordPress CMS with 1000s of URLs.

A big focus for this client was cleaning up their outdated SEO, both On-Page and Off-Page, and a comprehensive content strategy.

The Solution

  • 27% year on year increase in monthly organic search traffic (from a 5 digit base)

Skills Used

Web Development,SEO


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  • Drive qualified MBA applications from candidates who are more likely to apply for the current intake.
  • Past 3 years did not have full/filled classes (there was room for more students). There were many applications, but not enough qualified candidates.


Created a web-based lead funnel for colocation, hosting services and managed services that previously did not exist for the company.




Our partnership began as the company underwent a complete rebranding and repositioning. Formerly Sunshine Kids and well known in retail spaces for exceptional safety standards, Diono wanted to establish themselves as an international brand with its own ecommerce channel and a product line that expanded beyond car seats. With a small budget and strict pricing requirements, we drove growth of the Diono brand and digital footprint up to the point of acquisition in early 2018.



Ignited Learning

As an educational partner with the Toronto District School Board, our challenge was to encourage parents, teachers and principals to bring us into their school to provide extracurricular programming.