• Level Up PDPs non-branded traffic grew +171% YoY
  • Career Changers PDPs non-branded traffic grew +48% YoY
  • Blog non-branded traffic grew 200% YoY
  • Crawl rate to CWEs increased by 65%

The Challenge

One of top market leaders in tech education space. Very strong and well-respected offline presence but was struggling to build online presence through organic search.

The Process

Existing PDP technical optimization

  • Keyword cannibalization between PDPs
  • Internal linking on main navigation and between PDPs
  • Canonical tags on hyperlocal PDPs

Existing PDP content optimization

  • Standardized target keyword modifiers for all middle and bottom of the funnel content
  • Provided content team with briefs for specific recommendations on how to approach page-level optimizations

IP Geolocation strategy

  • Removed GEO IP redirecting from CWEs to page cache differentiation method

Blog content optimization and content expansion

  • Optimized existing blog post for low hanging fruit keywords
  • Contributed to ideating blog content ideas with hub and spoke content model to target new topics like python, data science, digital marketing, etc.

Online/remote CWE/PDP optimization

  • Duplicate content through improper canonicalization
  • Internal linking between online PDPs and homepage
  • Errors with existing schema

The Solution

  • Level Up PDPs non-branded traffic grew +171% YoY
  • Career Changers PDPs non-branded traffic grew +48% YoY
  • Blog non-branded traffic grew 200% YoY
  • Crawl rate to CWEs increased by 65%
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Sparrow is a science-based subscription service that condenses the latest science insights in a digestible and easy-to-understand manner.

At the time Sparrow was an early stage business that was searching for the right product and business model for Product Market Fit. We had to come up with a way to grow the company.


Since its foundation in 1888, Fedrigoni has specialised in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products. When art, paper and creativity are brought together, the results can be incredible. And that’s how we developed The Blank Paper Challenge event for Fedrigoni, a series of creative events to introduce new papers to a selected number of creatives, clients and guests from the graphics industry in Spain. The Blank Paper Challenge events were held both in Madrid and Barcelona.



L3 Construction

  • Competitive market 
  • Finding leads that are qualified<span class="ql-cursor"></span>



dear cleo

Start-up bridal industry trying to break-into a stuffy, non-dynamic industry owned by a couple of heavy hitters

  • client was a small fish in a big pond not getting attention or focus from their agency, but paying the premium to hire them
  • campaigns were not being executed properly, and not a lot of optimization was happening on a weekly basis
  • campaigns were structed in ways that kept creative and campaigns in learning phase for too long, which didn't help performance
  • not leveraging retargeting enough---low hanging fruit left to rot on vine

Roots Natural Kitchen

Roots Natural Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in salad and grain bowls, faced email marketing challenges that hindered their growth and engagement. This case study delves into their collaboration with Mayple, leading to substantial enhancements in email design, audience segmentation, and overall email marketing strategy.

My Construction Payroll

In the competitive realm of construction payroll services, myconstructionpayroll (MC) found itself facing challenges in maximizing its marketing potential. Struggling with ineffective email marketing strategies and underutilized tools, the company sought a solution to elevate its engagement, metrics, and overall growth.


V2 Hospitality, a Marketing Consultancy, sought Mayple's expertise to address time constraints and allocate efforts efficiently. As the founder overseeing marketing responsibilities, the challenge lay in optimizing strategies for maximum impact within the limited time available.

Top Rank Soccer Academy

Top Rank Soccer Academy, led by the dynamic Senior Coach and Marketing Director, caters to young soccer enthusiasts aged 3-17. Offering classes, private lessons, teams, and summer camps, the academy needed to optimize its email marketing approach.