We improved the engagement in a 60% in 3 months

Josefina D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Improve the storytelling from social content to generate more leads relevant to the brand and generate more brand awareness.

The Process

I am the social content generator.

We planned all the annual marketing strategies.

I do the monthly social content plan and strategies.

We analyze insights

The Solution

We improved the engagement in a 60% in 3 months

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Other,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


Food & Drink

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The British International School Kuala Lumpur

Client wishes to know keywords in Malay that are currently driving traffic to their website.


  • Managed paid search accounts and SEO for WA’s largest online training provider. 



American Atelier

American Atelier came to me seeking to push sales. They were running a unusual strategy of looking for low cost bids as a means to keep ACOS low but they were missing on potential sales with low impressions built on a strategy based not on winning but saving money.

The Linen Works

Before we stepped in to help, Larissa’s email marketing strategy consisted of sending 1-2 emails a month that did not successfully create leads or gain traction. Though she had around 65,000 email addresses, she was not effectively capitalizing on them.