Increased number of leads by 400% and decreased CPL by 65% 


Josefina D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Social media Management

Social media Content

Keep existing customers and increase engagement.

Acquire new customers via social media posts, stories, and followings.

Target automotive enthusiasts who like similar pages.


Improve on page SEO, image Alt tags and meta tags.

Acquire backlinks and manage blog using keywords.

Remove duplicated content if there is any

Influencer reach out.

The Process

We push branded posts on Facebook and Instagram to Increase visibility for promotions such as discounts and brand awareness.

Posts are strategically planned out to feature products and increase engagement interest.

The use of strategic copy, emoji´s and # implemented for a cohesive brand message.

Dedicated SM Professional

Daily Management

Reputation Management

Weekly Reporting

Monthly Content Calendar

Creative Design

Engagement across all channels

Dedicated Content Writer

Research team

Creative team

Curated Social posts

# research and Implementation


We run a keyword discovery process that allowed us to find the best opportunities for connecting with their target audience and appear in the search results for keywords related to the industry.

Content Strategy:

We created a plan to expand the depth of the site and created additional content for them to keep ranking on the first places for their keywords.

Competitor Research:

We did a competitive analysis process that shows how their competitors behave and what they needed to do to overcome them.

Technical Optimization:

We created a list of technical changes and updates that will help their site meet the requirements and best practices defined by Google.

Proper communication strategy for gaining customer loyalty, both from the technical point of view and also from the message itself in e-mail marketing.   

The Solution

Increased number of leads by 400% and decreased CPL by 65% 

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Social Media Management,Google Shopping


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