Over the course of 7 months, we saw great success in their account and all targets were met. The ROAS of their Facebook & Instagram account increased by 260%, their brand's monthly revenue increased by over 400%, and their online following numbers increased by over 200%.


The Challenge

Heidi Merrick is a California-inspired luxury fashion brand. They were experiencing a drop in their account performance after the iOS 14 update, and were looking to improve their existing accounts while also scaling their monthly revenue.

Some challenges that they were facing:

  1. They had done all their marketing in-house up to this point. They had never worked with an agency or a freelancer, which meant that their accounts weren't following the best practices 100% of the time, which was starting to drop their revenue and ROAS performance.
  2. They have a higher than average price point at around $500-$1,000 per piece, which requires specific account structures and targeting strategies that they were not running.
  3. Every time they tried to scale the account by increasing budgets, their performance took a drastic dip. They were looking to have someone take the account to the next level without this issue.

The Process

The process started off with a complete restructuring of their account and best practices. Utilizing a more consolidated account structure that utilized less campaigns but more creative variation was the most important update.

I also noticed that they were not running story/reel specific placement ads in the correct dimension, and this was causing them to lose a lot of available ad space that competitors were capitalizing on. We began creating images, videos, and carousels that were specific to the story/reels placement to make sure our brand and messaging was being captured everywhere possible.

Lastly, since a lot of their sales came from word of mouth, we used a little-known feature inside the Ads Manager called "Existing Post" which allows ads to carry their engagement over to multiple ad sets. This allowed us to run the same ad to past purchasers that would leave fantastic comments about their experience, which boosted our trustworthiness as well as social proof, as well as to new customers that would read the comments and thus increase their likelihood of buying and becoming a follower of the brand. This was essential due to their higher priced items, which requires more trust at the beginning of the relationship with the brand.

The Solution

Over the course of 7 months, we saw great success in their account and all targets were met. The ROAS of their Facebook & Instagram account increased by 260%, their brand's monthly revenue increased by over 400%, and their online following numbers increased by over 200%.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Style & Fashion

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