After we implemented an evergreen strategy across all business units SEM conversions improved by 476% YoY . 


Ashley G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Our client came to us regarding low inquiry volume for Whitepaper downloads.

The Process

I audited the current SEM strategy and recommended optimizations we could make to keyword intent and matching landing pages. Previously, all keywords were driving to a gated whitepaper, and we changed all keyword URLs to drive to the most relevant landing pages. This allowed for a natural user journey and allowed users to navigate the site naturally. This strategy also improved efficiencies with managing the account.

The Solution

After we implemented an evergreen strategy across all business units SEM conversions improved by 476% YoY . 

Skills Used

Paid Ads



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The client launched his brand on Amazon, and it became a best seller with over 1,000+ reviews. He was running Amazon PPC Ads himself, but it became a hassle and a worry to check in on it every day with his busy life.

Also, he wasn’t sure if he was doing everything that needed to be done. He was afraid that by doing it himself he could be wasting $1,000’s per month in adspend. So he decided to outsource to an expert.

Jersey Italian Gravy

Jersey Italian Gravy was challenged in getting their online website into an improved sales machine, to take the business up a level.

The Dolly Llama

With the increasing demand for the brand and expanding, as a result of our marketing efforts, it's become challenging keeping up with the expansion to new locations around the country. We are now working on marketing calendars, new strategies, and incorporating all new locations into this to have a unified brand.

ROAM Luggage

ROAM is a start-up luggage brand with a very unique product offering, premium luggage and travel accessories that can be fully customized by the customer. ROAM was challenged by the global COVID pandemic and needed to rebuild its marketing strategy as travel began to open up again.