The combined SEO and SEM approach as outlined above grew the client's restaurant base from 0 to over 200 signups in just 120 days and a 10X ROAS.


Jason P.

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The Challenge

This company allowed customers to order and pay for meals at participating restaurants by phone app. NOTE: the company was doing very well in the first 120 days of launch following app-development, then the global pandemic of COVID hit and they were forced to shutter as all restaurants closed for about 90 days (at a minimum). That said, the biggest challenge we faced with ads and SEO was getting to the right audiences in and around the crowded, overlapping Point-of-Sale market that we didn't want to address head-on. As such, search optimization and ads had to be very precise in targeting while also addressing the widest possible audience(s).

The Process

To gain initial traction and target the right restaurants for on-boarding, our SEO and PPC were the two main tools employed.

For ads, our process was simple, yet complicated to implement: target only the top, longtail keywords with highly-focused Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG) designed to own the search market for those keywords most important to the requirements.

In other words, we created many SKAG keyword sets with the highest affordable CPAs to ensure our brand dominated the key SERP page results spots for those words. The result was a very high CTR and conversion rates with a high quality (and volume) of MQL.

For SEO, we employed a similar approach of creating focused pillar pages and SEO hubs around similar content as employed in the PPC campaigns. Despite a short duration in the market, organic had already started to show results when the pandemic hit.

The Solution

The combined SEO and SEM approach as outlined above grew the client's restaurant base from 0 to over 200 signups in just 120 days and a 10X ROAS.

Skills Used

SEO,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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