We were able to generate a ROAS or 3.11x during our campaign with them.


Aristide Basque

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

They were getting good results with Facebook ads but wanted to expand to Google & Youtube ads.

The Process

We first made a research of their products and the related keywords people might search. We then tapped into their existing creative to model it for Youtube while using some of their website copy to drive results.

The Solution

We were able to generate a ROAS or 3.11x during our campaign with them.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Social Media Management



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Vuori Clothing

An Agency brought me on as a white label Media Buyer for https://vuoriclothing.com. The brand is spending over $900k/month on Facebook/Instagram ads I helped assist with Ads and Campaigns to help increase ROAS.

Adobe Creative Cloud

In 2013, Adobe announced a radical business model change for its suite of creative products - the end of Adobe Creative Suite to a fully subscription-based model, Adobe Creative Cloud. This was a big change for its creative users, which received a lot of negative sentiment and push back. The challenge was to leverage social media to build a new community for Adobe Creative Cloud, supporting its customer community in a way that would influence sales for Adobe Creative Cloud.


Improve brand presentation and maximize the growth of the Macy's website business.

Bat Control Specialist

Bat Control Specialists is a pest control company located in Ontario, Canada. As we all know, Canada can have some of the most frigid winters on the planet. Due to these cold winters, bats only come around for part of the year in the summer time. This means Bat Control Specialists has a small window of opportunity every year to snatch up as many clients as possible before the season ends or one of their competitors get to the clients.