Macy J.

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The Challenge

This client has basic flows in place with decent KPI stats and ROI. We're in the process of improving these metrics via A/B testing.

The Process

My process is to first take inventory of what the client already has in place. I then made recommendations for items I would improve upon within the existing account including segmentation, utilizing Klaviyo's AI capabilities, a showcase of subscription and referral programs, and implementation of a review process to further brand equity.

The Solution

Skills Used

Email Marketing


Health & Wellness

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They wanted to make their brand look better online & get more results

American Eagle Outfitters

The challenge was differentiating American Eagle Outfitters from its competitors in the teen specialty retail space as well as keeping all social media channels fresh and unique to increase followers, engagement and traffic to the website.




Improve ROAS and allow the owner to focus on other aspects of the business.

The American Medical Resource Institute

The client, an e-learning company dedicated to training medical professionals in critical life support, had seen its organic traffic decline significantly over several years, and wanted to rebuild the channel as a key part of their business going forward. Conversion Media was engaged to develop and execute a new content marketing plan that could make them competitive in organic search again.