The Challenge

Karys Layne Candles is a high end, hand poured candle brand located in Canada. While product development was their core competency, marketing was not. Our agency worked with Karys Layne Candles on several projects:

  • create a new website focused on e-commerce (switched from Squarespace to Shopify) and designed + developed the new website to convert for sales, as well as reflecting a high end brand as the owner requested. We are proud to showcase that this website achieved what we are looking for, mainly possible through custom design work
  • social media management - we worked with Karys Layne Candles to create engaging content and manage their social media accounts. We worked tirelessly to grow their follower base and implemented several creative and structured strategies such as: contests, partnerships, influencer collaborations
  • Pinterest management: as a secondary traffic source to Facebook advertising, we managed to grow this brand's Pinterest monthly impressions from 14k to 200k in just two short months

While we mutually enjoyed working together, Karys Layne Candles decided to focus on their B2B branch and minimize their B2C operations.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Social Media Management


Home & Garden

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