Contributed to:

  • driving over £150m in annual revenue
  • over 350k new customers to the platform


The Challenge

Working with a rapidly growing tech startup based in London.

The collaboration started just before the marketing team started to grow. I was brought in to help migrate their custom-built website to a platform that would ease resources required from developers, so the future marketing team could easily and rapidly create and test marketing campaigns.

The Process

The startup was growing quickly so the list of marketing-focused activities reflected this. I then came on board to help hire within marketing, a list of responsibilities included:

- Hiring

- Identifying areas of potential growth

- Ideating & Testing new channels & strategies

- Building a creative team

- Upskilling team members in certain areas of digital marketing

- Strategising new advertising campaigns & executing them

A big part of my role was to identify areas of potential growth, figure out how to drive growth in those areas, then build a process to operate at scale and then upskill the current team if needed to continue that activity.

The Solution

Contributed to:

  • driving over £150m in annual revenue
  • over 350k new customers to the platform

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Other,Marketing Strategy



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