• 83% Increase in Revenue Y-o-Y
  • 41% Decrease in (Cost Per Registration)
  • 30% Increase in CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

Joao Pedro M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  • Low brand awareness
  • Brand new platform
  • Limited marketing budget

The Process

Our process begins by identifying the best revenue-driven opportunities within our paid acquisition campaigns and re-allocating the budget for those while, at the same time optimizing low-performing campaign segments for better CAC costs.

After identifying those opportunities we started to plan about an account/campaigns structure that allowed us to maximize relevancy to the users by combining campaign segments with custom-built landing pages allowing us to decrease our cost per registration by 41% within the first 2-Months!

The Solution

  • 83% Increase in Revenue Y-o-Y
  • 41% Decrease in (Cost Per Registration)
  • 30% Increase in CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
Skills Used

Paid Ads



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Peace of God

The main challenge was the limited target audience (by client request). - very small potential reach

At the same time, we had to crack the method by how could we give the experience online to feel like you are visiting the physical store which you must have for religious vertical!


Woulvestuff reached out to us because they were trying to find a better way to use their existing chatbot. The store had a chatbot referring customers to the website from Facebook and inviting people to join a mailing list, according to the client, that list is responsible for 40% of the sites income.

the main challenge was that the client wanted to use the same chatbot for the website and Facebook, we had to do something that will provide a reason for new and returned users to engage with the chatbot and give their emails to join the community.



Festival Pass

The world's first live events subscription service across music, film, food & wine, theater, tech & innovation and more.

- User Acquisition Growth.

- Paid Media on Facebook & Instagram

- Paid Media Strategies & Funnels

- Landing Pages

- Advertising Strategy

- Copywriting


website’s conversion rate

Reuters News Agency

As one of the world's leading news agencies, Reuters goes "back to the start, where there’s no bias and no agenda to tell the real story," thereby providing a critical service all Reuters employees deeply believed in. Yet as a small business unit in shrinking industry (Publishing) within a large company (Thomson Reuters), the news agency was severely limited in both staff and budget.

My challenge was to help grow revenue through the digital marketing channel for the news agency with only $100k-$200k budget and no staff support within the new agency.