The blog post is fairly young and is currently ranking in the top 15 posts for specific search terms.

Evan D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

The company is a relatively new startup in a new niche of people development software. I created a blog post to address why this niche is booming and why Leadr is a top option for HR to consider implementing into their team management solutions.

The Process

The Solution

The blog post is fairly young and is currently ranking in the top 15 posts for specific search terms.

Skills Used

Content Marketing,SEO,Copywriting



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More Case Study


They wanted to scale their campaign but tracking wasn't accurate




Goodfair is an online recycled clothing retailer focused on reversing the negative effects of consumerism. Unlike ThredUp or a normal thrift store, customers purchase "product categories or bundles" and are sent an eclectic mix of items adding a mystery element to the experience.


  • Often sold out of in-demand product categories, making it hard to scale top-performing ads
  • Didn't have a consistent stream of new content
  • Always had an abundance of low-converting product categories that they wanted to push


  • Immediately created evergreen ad content that converted well and was scalable since it wasn't tied to a specific product
  • Worked with the client on an influencer outreach plan to build up their asset library—used this content to create eye-catching videos that focused on the styling of the products, while also highlighting Goodfair's mission
  • Pitched the client on product-specific influencer outreach initiatives to get more creative (and hopefully higher converting) content featuring the products that were a tougher sell

Arizona Federal Credit Union

New business services that were acquired by the business with intent to grow those products.


"ClickCease™ will track each and every click on your search network, display and shopping campaigns. Taking into account IP and IP range, unique device, VPN, your unique settings and more."

We help ClickCease with their CRO efforts and struggles on order to improve the flow and provide more detailed info!