Sales grew by 50% over the first 18 months. Basket size grew by over 40%.

Stuart S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

I was responsible for growing new customers as well as basket size

The Process

The biggest impact was taking a data heavy approach - to look at what the customer was browsing, what the customer had purchased and to make upsell recommendations from there

The Solution

Sales grew by 50% over the first 18 months. Basket size grew by over 40%.

Skills Used

Web Development


Art & Entertainment

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At ConvertKit, I focused on building educational content in the form of emails, short-form social media videos, courses, and webinars. The unique challenges I faced revolved around keeping up with the consistently-changing digital economy in order to know the best content to teach and the purpose behind it.

It led to a lot of weekly research, interviews, and constantly making adjustments where necessary to ensure I was catering to our target audience.




L’Oreal are one of the UK’s biggest advertisers, and the single biggest beauty and cosmetics advertiser. Our objective was to grow market share and improve ROAS.




Clublender offers on-demand golf club rentals across the US delivered to you. They rent high-end clubs for avid golfers not wanting to go through the hassle of shipping their own clubs with them. We found one of our bigger challenges was people didn't know our product offering even existed. Shipping was also a major cost that had to be dealt with.



Barton Bands

They have a very extense catalogue with very different price ranges and brands