Jessica S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Mass Media is a startup, extremely innovating on Martech, therefore the challenge is to get the message across to the users, the value proposition is an extremely complex ecosystem. The challenge is letting prospects know the benefits they can get out of the software and leading them to the top of the funnel.

The Process

Currently working on content and communications development

The Solution

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Social Media Management



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Commercial Finance Partners

Develop a responsive performance SEO-focused website to drive conversions, in an industry saturated by large financial corporations with huge digital marketing budgets.

Elise Care

Elise Care experienced extremely fast growth in only a few years, but their brand image, social media, and website didn't match their status. We had to revamp a lot of their marketing strategies to make sure everything was done to its full potential. We also had to start their socials from scratch as the accounts were not accessible.




The client wanted to get better results with their Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest advertising campaigns.



Mad Ritual

Advertising CBD products online is always a challenge, but the challenge is even bigger when a brand has a smaller budget they wish to scale as sales grow. Mad Ritual wanted to raise brand awareness and drive sales without risking the long-term viability of brand assets, particularly on Facebook, by triggering ad violations.