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THE Company   

Meraki Mama Botanicals provides one-of-a- kind liposomal supplements to soothe your stress, clear your mind and bring you sustained energy. Every bottle combines cutting edge-science with time-honored botanicals to bring you results that are immediate and long-lasting.

The Challenge   

Promoting any supplement on Facebook and Instagram must be done correctly or your boosted posts could be denied. With our experience, we knew exactly how to navigate the waters from the very beginning and now we are seeing growth on both platforms consistently.

THE Solution   

  • With this client, TBM juggles many different things at once. We start by writing and designing the content. Then, we schedule it out on the platforms and boost it according to the strategy we have in place. We consistently update their LinkInBio App and check for engagement on our posts.
  • We continuously make sure the pages are optimized with the correct information. We really like to make sure we are all working as a team with the client to hit goals, communicate results, and drive results.
  • Current Metrics with a $500/month boosting budget for the last week, we started with new pages in November:
  • FB/IG Brand Awareness Ad Recall - 1,400 Impressions - 31,169 Spend - $35.01
  • FB/IG Engagement Post Engagements - 999 Spent - $35.01
  • Campaign Likes - 117 Spend - $70.41

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