Mike shutdown the campaign after deciding he would potentially be a spoiler.

Paul G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Led the new media team with a $200mm budget to build the new media infrastructure and researched feasibility for Mike Bloomberg's 2016 presidential run.

The Process

I was the media lead, built the in-house team and vetted all technology and adtech providers for the entire campaign. I also participated in the US House strategy in the case that no candidate reached the 270 electoral vote threshold.

The Solution

Mike shutdown the campaign after deciding he would potentially be a spoiler.

Skills Used

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Nonprofit & Government

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The goal of this project was to generate as many new Telco customers across several lines of business.




The main challenges with working on this account were doing a complete overhaul of their creative direction and building a content structure that would help promote their application accurately. Understanding the product in-depth, and the best way that we could bring it to the eyes of their customer base and relevant users was also tricky. Finding original topics to help us build their social media and promoted content is something we have to deal with on a monthly basis as well. To keep things interesting for the users and for their unique community, we ensure a healthy content rotation and hyper relevant ideas.




Dakine was running paid search campaigns that were targeting all of the United States and were not breaking up states. I let them know this was a concern because different audiences in different regions are going to be interested in the same products, it depends on the weather.


The project was to help Nobul improve the conversion rate on the site, particularly at the bottom of the funnel.