• Increased confidence from investors & customer alike

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The Challenge

  • To begin, we did a comprehensive needs analysis - uncovering which pages would need to be added, and how we could structure the site so the team could continue to iterate on it.

  • Next, we began devising the design system - how would the visual identity of the brand evolve to reflect this new direction?

  • Finally, with these assets in hand - we planned out the entire sitemap and URL structure, so everyone knew what the final site would entail. From there, we were off to the races!

The Process

  • Initial Design - Using our newly updated visual identity, we created a layout that better utilized white space, replaced the heavy use of cartoony animations with branded photography, and more.

  • Building New Features - Prehired has a large number of customer reviews, and needed visitors to be able to sort through them (a capability not offered by the CMS natively), so we implemented a third-party solution to make that possible.

  • Building An SEO Foundation - Ultimately, you won't have great SEO results without a solid foundation, so we made sure that everything was taken care of (meta, sitemaps, redirects, etc), and took care of the migration from the old site to ensure no traffic was lost.

The Solution

  • Increased confidence from investors & customer alike
Skills Used

Web Development,Branding,Web Development



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