I managed to increase ROAS from ~150% to ~210%


Michael M.

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The Challenge

First shopify client with huge organic reach from the Instagram page. A lot of technical issues back then, for instance having paypal as the media source, just because the account wasn't set to express checkout.

Client didn't want to scale more than $100k/month so he doesn't have to double his team. So we paused activity in order to allow other brands to grow

The Process

I was managing the actual media buying on Facebook, and was in charge of the creative team creating all the banners/videos, along with catalog creation, understanding which procucts to promote.

The Solution

I managed to increase ROAS from ~150% to ~210%

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Style & Fashion

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Reduce ACOS/CPA.


Paytient needed several customer journeys written and produced in a short amount of time. There were over 150 emails that needed to be created, edited, built and tested in less than six months.


 Pollogen is a subsidiary of Lumenis, which means they are promoted on the same keywords, so we needed to understand in each country which keywords to target. Also, because of the long procurement process, we had to define a qualified lead to calculate ROI.




Never done paid media and was only in UK, want to launch in US