The results included millions in reach across influencers and brands ranging in Airbnb, WeWork, influencers like @heyashleyrenne @carly.nogg, 3+% engagement, sales, events.

The Challenge

Developing integrated events, placements and features with Atlanta live event and retreats globally.

The Process

My process included developing goals for awareness, reach, and results with Fitness Fuses with Fashion, CREATEIT Summit, and Global retreats for both our brand and influencer marketing and product placement for brands.

Fitness Fuses with Fashion combined UnderArmour, Athleta, Atlanta Communities, Art Institute, Herbalife Nutrition, True Foods Kitchen, and Atlanta Childrens Shelter giving back. I managed influencers integrated into campaigns, content creation, tracking results, as well as content strategy and vision with videos and social media.

This include web page developments, sponsorships, and email launches.

This has continued across our global retreats and brand activations.

The Solution

The results included millions in reach across influencers and brands ranging in Airbnb, WeWork, influencers like @heyashleyrenne @carly.nogg, 3+% engagement, sales, events.

Skills Used

Branding,Other,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Web Development,Public Relations,Branding


Art & Entertainment

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Kit Kat Klocks

Getting a consistent overall 3x ROAS across all campaigns. This product did not perform well with remarketing campaigns, so I had to figure out how to create profitable campaigns with cold audiences.

Birth Right Isreal

Drive donation Revenue


Rolling out a new Sales Narrative to our field and to our clients. The challenge I faced was creating a training that allowed our sales reps to fully understand the new narrative we are rolling out and understand how that narrative applies to their B2B Marketing clients.

Woodhaven Furniture

Challenge: underutilized email marketing list

Challenge: lack of social media presence

This brand only sells in their brick and mortar store. With email marketing our team brought in a consistent 20% more revenue and an extra $60k in sales for Black Friday (store typically makes $2.5M yearly) and with social media management we grew their sales 40% month on month.

My Construction Payroll

In the competitive realm of construction payroll services, myconstructionpayroll (MC) found itself facing challenges in maximizing its marketing potential. Struggling with ineffective email marketing strategies and underutilized tools, the company sought a solution to elevate its engagement, metrics, and overall growth.

Wise Lines

Wise Line Tools, a power tool retailer, faced challenges with web sales and marketing. The responsible individual sought Mayple's assistance.

Any Place

In the bustling world of remote work and corporate travel, Anyplace, a provider of flexible-term furnished apartment rentals, seeks to stand out. Their mission is clear: provide quality accommodations equipped with reliable, gigabit-speed internet for remote workers, corporate travelers, and creatives. Email marketing plays a crucial role in building trust and credibility with their audience, helping them convert subscribers into loyal customers.


MelioGuide, a leading online provider of safe and effective osteoporosis exercise programs, encountered challenges stemming from the complexity of MailChimp. The Marketing team, responsible for all marketing and website operations, sought Mayple's expertise.