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The Challenge

Natural Health Centers provides a broad range of wholistic, natural treatments for a variety of ailments, illnesses and diseases. Clearly defining what the company does and presenting that for potential patients was the greatest challenge, since they help with so many different conditions.

The Process

By interviewing the doctors and staff of the center we were able to get an in-depth understanding of Natural Health's service capabilities, their preferred patient profile and the services they excel at.

Translating these into powerful landing pages which educate and bring patients to an understanding that NHC can help them treat their condition without compromising their desire for a clearner, more natural approach.

Connecting with patients at their time of need presents a unique opportunity to build trust and understanding. By stduying the search landscape around each of the conditions that NHC specializes in, we were able to build search campaigns that perfectly brought searcher and provider together resulting in a profitable new acquisition channel for NHC.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy,Branding


Health & Wellness

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Vital Start Health

We were tasked with uncovering potential audiences, testing messaging and visuals, as well as landing pages, to understand and project potential KPIs.

Once we had initial benchmarks, our goal was to improve the performance, polish the messaging, and help the client raise the necessary capital by showcasing initial achievements.

Dens Hot Dogs

This comfort food company was doing well but recognized the need to retain more of its existing customer base. Strategies such as retargeting on social media are expensive, however. After doing some research and hearing positive remarks from other DIDO clients, they decided to move forward with DIDO’s email marketing to re-engage their customers and develop more long term relationships.


Improved online revenue

On One Studios

The Challenge of of Startup Growth

What’s good for the user is good for search. The biggest challenge of the SEO audit for On One Studios (and all companies) is maintaining a customer-focused approach when optimizing.

Every action in the audit must answer the question: how does this help the user on your website? Each tweak needed to embody the core drive of the company.

We came up with a human-centric SEO strategy to guide my approach. The web audit was designed to address three critical issues:

Understanding the company’s core value proposition and drive.

Great tactics mean nothing without a proper guiding strategy. Before I started any optimization, I spoke with management on what constituted the company’s core drives. By understanding their unique selling proposition, I could write copy that reflected their goals.

Addressing website architecture problems with user-centric best practices.

The website needed to make sense to customers. From URL structure to homepage navigation, I needed to make sure each click on the website made it easy to get to a sale.

Identify competitor SEO strategies to implement off-page SEO tactics.

A key pillar of getting a site to rank is the number of backlinks pointing to it. I needed to create a comprehensive, white hat backlink strategy to boost the site’s domain authority. By looking at who our competitors were linked (and linking to), I got a sense of the types of backlinks I was looking for.



GT Pasion

The main competitor was having incredibly huge budgets and absorbing all the advertising real state.