Cost per workshop attendee dropped by 93% after the launch of our first campaign


The Peachy Company

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The Challenge

Next Level Medical Centers creates and delivers in-person weight loss workshops. They historically had driven attendance with various analog advertising channels but had been unsuccessful with digital marketing as a driver of attendance due to a high cost per attendee.

The challenge was to use digital channels profitably with campaigns that would open much larger scale.

The Process

After a detailed initial interview with the director and a detailed study of their customer's pain points and needs I developed a plan for how best to reach those customers and which channels and campaign types would be the most likely to generate results.

With the deep understanding of their customer I was also able to write copy which touched on the key points needed to stimulate action.

We just launched and drove our first campaign last week with fantastic results, a 93% decrease in cost per attendee.

Note: I just began working with this client and will update with future information.

The Solution

Cost per workshop attendee dropped by 93% after the launch of our first campaign

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Copywriting


Health & Wellness

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