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The Challenge

The Process

  • Managed search, display, remarketing, and paid social campaigns supporting different B2B/B2C client goals (increase traffic, lead generation, conversions, brand awareness, CPA, ROAS). Responsible for keyword research, negative keyword research, ad copy creation, bid optimizations, testing, targeting, campaign building, search query report auditing, ad extension strategy and account restructures)
  • Conducted market research and competitor analyses for A/B testing and optimizing ad copy, landing pages and ad extensions
  • Supported clients through performance review presentations, reporting and optimization recommendations based on goals and efficiencies

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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Arizona Federal Credit Union

New business services that were acquired by the business with intent to grow those products.



Simply Shapely

They looked for help to bring more revenue, sales, and traffic to their website. 

Bat Control Specialist

Bat Control Specialists is a pest control company located in Ontario, Canada. As we all know, Canada can have some of the most frigid winters on the planet. Due to these cold winters, bats only come around for part of the year in the summer time. This means Bat Control Specialists has a small window of opportunity every year to snatch up as many clients as possible before the season ends or one of their competitors get to the clients.

National Cancer Insitute

NCI did not have an SEO strategy or staff, but it also had 150 subdomains run by different departments and on different CMS systems. Additionally, Google had recently rolled out its symptom panels. As a result, even its expert written content was not ranking for its ideal terms, and its cancer clinical trials section of its site was not ranking for the vast majority of cancer clinical trial keywords.