Sergio G. F.

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The Challenge

This client was struggling to get a lower cost per lead with Google and Facebook ads. I properly structured the account, removed irrelevant keywords, and made a lot of adjustments with the account to decrease their cost per lead from $100 to under $20/lead.

The Process

I am responsible for decreasing the cost per lead, setting up ads, and managing current campaigns to get the best results possible.

I used my skills on both Facebook and Google to optimize the accounts with a unique strategy to get them a 5-10X ROAS

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development



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More Case Study




Another startup we worked with - they had a freelancer who was running ads and not getting the best results.

We had to come in and make sense of the data they already had and then get them the results they needed.



Integrated Listening Systems

We started collaborating in 2017 when the client started looking for ways to engage and connect with a vast direct-to-consumer audience of individuals suffering from developmental and learning disorders or psychological traumas and their family members.

Because of the climate of the industry, many potential leads were wary of medical claims and were looking for evidence of efficacy.


NDA - Only the name of the brand can be shared.




Client was having issues driving traffic to their website and having users contact them for their services. No way to measure traffic and engagement.