• Total website enquiries increased by 66.27%.

  • Website conversion rate increased by 18.63%.

Mitchell Kelly

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Nu-Tank are a Queensland polyethylene water tank manufacturer. With 25-years industry experience manufacturing high quality water tanks, they are a leading supplier of water tanks in the state and across Australia.

While they had a website and a digital presence, marketing efforts were still very reliant on traditional media, particularly television and print to generate leads and brand awareness.

Past attempts at running Google Ads through digital marketing agencies were unsuccessful and management were unsure if they could justify the return on investment.

The Process

While Nu-Tank had run Google Ads in the past through a digital marketing agency, it was uncovered during audit that conversion tracking had been incorrectly configured.

This had meant that reporting did not reflect what was actually happening and optimisation decisions in their account were being made on bad data.

Ecommerce tracking was implemented through Google Tag Manager to reliably track all quote enquiries and call tracking was setup so that phone calls made after clicks on Google Ads could also be measured.

The initial audit also uncovered several UX issues negatively affecting conversion rate. These were also fixed to help improve conversion rate sitewide.

Nu-Tank’s Google Ads account was re-built from the ground up with an advanced long-tail structure focused on high-intent keywords. This granular build was designed to drive the maximum return on investment from a small initial ad budget.

The Solution

  • Total website enquiries increased by 66.27%.

  • Website conversion rate increased by 18.63%.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Web Development


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