We were able to raise ROAS from ~1.08 to 5.17 and maintain it around that level


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The Challenge

NutraNuva had a strong launch and the following 2 years were successful for them, but as initial traction began to wear off and campaign effectiveness decreased after the iOS 14 impact on Facebook advertising they needed to make changes quickly to resuscitate sales and profit.

The Process

First we studied the brand's customers, their lifestyle, interests and day-to-day routines. We learned everything we could about their aspirations, pain points and the changes they want to see in their lives. We searched for how to find a way to fit the NutraNuva brand into their lives in a meaningful way.

After uncovering 2 key points (they didn't understand/trust the label "natural" as applied to skincare and they didn't want complex or difficult-to-follow skincare routines) we were able to leverage these ideas as underlying themes in our creative campaigns.

So we gathered all creative assets over the brand's 3 year lifespan together and evaluated their ability to communicate these key concepts and sorted them into a testing framework.

With initial test campaigns running we gathered insightful data about how customers interact with the creative to understand how to better develop our next round of creative assets for improved performance.

We used CPM, Hook Rate, Average Video Watch Time, Engagement Rate, Share/Save Rate, Unique Outbound CTR, CPC, On-site Time, Add To Cart Value & Rate, Purchase Conversion Rate, Value & ROAS to give a complete picture of how ad creative performed.

The Solution

We were able to raise ROAS from ~1.08 to 5.17 and maintain it around that level

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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