Not only I got the cost per lead from $8.18 down to $4.67, but also increase the number of leads 9X


Sarah S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

After promoting a webinar for a while, he arrived at a point where the cost per webinar registration became high and the volume low.

The webinar was one of his main sales channels, and he needed more leads.

The Process

I focused on creating a personalization effect, where I wrote targeted niche ad copy and used interested targeting to ensure it was shown to the right people.

The full case study is here

The Solution

Not only I got the cost per lead from $8.18 down to $4.67, but also increase the number of leads 9X

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


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More Case Study



Bark Square

Bark Square is an indoor dog park offering dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services. The brand approached us three weeks before launch, asking to make an impact in the community and generate a significant number of leads to reach their business plan objective in their opening quarter.

With the grand opening date nearing, we quickly began studying their business plan to identify which services would yield the best results when tied with digital advertising. We implemented lead generation campaigns across Google and Facebook to reach the surrounding community. We created captivating video/image ads, designed high converting landing pages, and tested various audiences on Facebook while targeting high intent search queries on Google. 

Our client was able to generate over 100+ leads every month while reaching thousands in the surrounding county. In addition, their client acquisition process continues to improve, and they are on track to achieving the 7-figure mark.



MYEL Design

They had someone in house but the results were poor




During our initial analysis of the company we identified the following challenges:

  • Lead Generation from Facebook Ads was incurring a high overall cost. However, the number of sign-ups and the click-through rate were not satisfactory;
  • To improve quality scores and lower costs, we needed to create optimised landing pages but the website was a bespoke build and was extremely limited;
  • A need to improve the number of conversions without increasing the budget due to constraints.


Comparing Expert

SEO rankings for highly competitive vertical